All lecturers of the European Summer School on Science Communication are experienced teachers and science communicators.

Each lecturer covers a topic and next to lectures will also have a hands-on-session prepared.

Emilia Miller

Emilia will cover the topics Social Media and Personal Branding of scientists during the summer school. 

She is the founder of BrainBox and Scinect and as Emilia.Loves.Science especially in German-speaking countries. Since 2016 she has specialized exclusively in science communication with a focus on internal and external communication, change management and content management.

In particular, she focuses on conception and execution of social media campaigns, however also helps scientists with the design of high-quality contributions for conferences, appearances, lectures and events.


Till Kuske

Till will cover the communication of „scary“ topics like radiation, genetics and animal experiments.

He is the head of the Hessian Radon Centre in  Gießen, Germany and responsible for communication the topic of Radon exposure to the public.


Petra Buljevic and Marko Košiček

Petra Buljević Zdjelarević, a trained media and communication professional has been helping researchers reach their target audience for more than 10 years.  Marko is one of the hosts of the Croation TV Show „Treci Element“ and coordinator of science communication activities at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb, Croatia.

During the summer school they will talk about how to work with media in terms of communicating your science.


Sascha Vogel

Sascha will give a general introduction into science communication and talk about various formats you can start with. 

He is a physicist by training and slowly transformed into a science communicator. Starting with science slams and exhibitions he now runs the science communication agency „science birds“ in Frankfurt, Germany.